Monday, July 26, 2010

We learn from each other!

I was watching one of my favorite shows Sunday, "Meet the press", and I must admit that I got extremely frustrated!! We are taught from an early age not to lie, but when I see politicians wobble on the truth, it gives me a huge sense of distrust! Why is it that it seems NOT a single person wants to be truthful. When asked a question, it seems common practice to always answer with a short story skirting the issue instead of saying yes or no!! There is only one answer to a question!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exercise is saving my life!!

I truly believe that going to the gym on a regular basis is truthfully saving my life! Taking care of ones' body, either by going to a gym, or an at home routine is essential for good health! I have always worked out, usually at Ballys, which is the gym I go to. But starting in 2010, after two weeks of a hospital stay with pneumonia, I have really picked up the pace! After several major negative things in my life; lose of a spouse, being diagnosed with Ataxia, I have finally decided the old saying is true - "without your health your dead" or something like that!! For years I did not have much regard to the food I ate. Since Jan 8Th 2010 I have lost 40 pounds and kept it off. More importantly, I feel allot better then I have in a long time! Throughout my life I have tried and seen many diet plans that are touted as being the "best"! Truthfully the best exercise and diet plan is anything that works for you!! I am 60 and I would like to hear comments from anyone that has a story about exercise and diet and how you are changing your life!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Extended unemployment - good or bad?

I always have thought that most things are black or white. But when it comes to extending unemployment benefits, I am not sure. On one hand, there are so many people that need it just to get by. On the other, I am sure this 2Nd or more extension, ( I forgot how many), for allot of people is an excuse not to look. Now I know the economy is bad, but I can't but think endless extensions are being taking advantage of by some people, probably more then we want to admit.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

new law in Troy!

Congrats to the city of Troy!! If you have not heard. the city of Troy has a new law about driving while being distracted. Aside from using the cell phone, it also encompasses the idiots that eat, put makeup on and other stupid stuff other then driving. I get so frustrated when people cut me off or I almost hit them because their full attention is not on the road! I know all the cities are finding ways to raise revenue, and if Troy is doing this with that as an objective, that's fine with me. Lives are more important then eating a big mac while catching up on gossip while using the cell!!