Friday, April 23, 2010

trash on nature walk?

Yesterday I went on the rouge nature walk in Dearborn, (starting on Michigan ave.)
While this walk goes almost through Henry Ford Estate and University of Michigan, I was disgusted by all the trash! We started out on Michigan near Brady street. This was my first time on this walk, and I have lived here since 1994! At the beginning, it was very enjoyable and calming, but then the assorted debris started dotting the otherwise beautiful landscape. The first thing to our left was a truck cap down the hill less than a quarter mile from the start. As we continued through the woods and campus I was very annoyed with the various paper products and discarded trash from people that must think their mommy is walking behind them!!! Now, to be fair, we only walked .75 mile in since I am just starting to walk on a regular basis. The rest of the walk might be garbage-free!! Another thing - why are people so lazy?, not just on nature trails, but I have seen the same mess at our state parks and campgrounds too!! Also we went to Ford field. As I went across the bridge, there was a half taco and two milk cartons. What is going on with Dearborn? Certain people think the outside is their personal trash can!!