Sunday, February 7, 2010


With today being the day when allot of people go into la la sports mode, I feel this is very much needed! The super bowl and most pro sports are made out to be far more beneficial for society than they really are. Take, for example, the countless hours people waste in front of their TV listening to news people who have never even been involved in a sport that they are talking about. When was the last time you or your friends got together to talk about others that excel in education? A night watching Jeopardy or the national spelling bee? NO, people are caught up watching others makes millions by throwing, passing, dunking, for reasons that mostly benefit gamblers , players, and owners!! And who actually understands a player or coach when they are interviewed after the game or big play? Which in right to one of the points I am talking about, these guys need education more than basically hitting each other. When is the last time that a football, baseball, basketball, hockey or other sport enlightened your mental state or benefited the economic future for your family?