Sunday, February 14, 2010

company theft

Ever wonder why things are so expensive? One reason is company theft! Most companies have employee theft, but none is more pervasive that I know of than the auto industry. For years I have heard from employees themselves that many take parts home. To the extreme that a whole car has been built using stolen parts! This would be bad enough, but what is more sad is the ease and lack of guilt that I have been told about these unlawful events. When was the last time that you were told - "the company owes me" or "they can afford it"? This kind of behavior makes me very upset in good time, but especially now, when people are losing jobs.

pass the cost on to customers?

to be cont...In Ann Arbor, for example, one popular food chain pays three hundred dollars a month for their managers to park!! Since the city charges this much, it is not to hard to believe that most if not all chains are charged this much! And do you think they pay this as a cost of business without passing it on to the consumer? One answer=NO!! All businesses, especially the ones selling food make such a big profit, that there is NO reason why this kind of expense should be passed on to us!.... And another thing... if healthy food is so good for us, why is it so damn expensive? It almost seems that the food industry in general wants to keep their profits high while keeping the quality of the food we eat low! And why not unhealthy and overweight people are great customers for medical businesses! Have you ever seen a fat person as a poster child for health foods?...but you have for a slew of medical conditions! Comments encouraged!!