Friday, October 29, 2010

Politics = allot of lies an heartaches!

If your like me, NOTHING in this election season makes me want to vote!! First of all, how can we be expected to vote when ALL the people and ALL the parties tell you things that can not possibly be true! When has it become so bad that No ONE that is running for office can be trusted?! Why doesn't anyone just come out and say what he or she has done GOOD? Instead it is all they did this and they did that, even the current president acts like a whiner blaming everyone else and not just keeping to any positives (if there are any), that he has done? I am 60 and this is the first election that I truly feel that I do not want to or care about voting!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another actor showing true colors?!

There are always people doing crazy stuff, but when it is someone in the public eye, we hear more about it!! As is the incident with Charlie Sheen!! What an idiot!, and yet somehow most of the population is enamored by this act of utter disgrace!! When one of us mere "common" people act like this we are ridiculed and probably jailed! When someone in the public eye does something to disgrace self and family(his kids were across the hall) the act is dismissed with a slap on the hand! Come on people!! A cokehead drunk with a whore!! Give us a break!!
Charlie is back to getting his TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND an episode for the mind-numbing show that I or any of us would gladly do for a small percentage of that, and almost certainly do as good if not better job of!!!! A slap on the hand and pity for a drunk?! No wonder this country is screwed up!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welfare cheats!!

Welfare is not meant to be a career choice! While some people rightly deserve and need welfare, there are way to many that use it as a way to get free money! The people that do this should all go to prison and make license plates with the other criminals! And what makes it worse is the current government just keeps pouring money into welfare and takes it away from systems that really need it, such as higher education!!!
Do they do this as a form of riot control to appease the lazy and the cheats so their masses won't cause trouble? Or is the government just taking the easy way out?

Michigan sure does not make anything from the movies!!

And another thing!... why are so enamored by the movie industry? Instead of concentrating on getting real jobs for real people in our state, the people in charge are spinning their wheels sucking up to an industry that could care less about us! One of the recent political ads mentioned that Clint Eastwood was paid $800,000 dollars to do a recent movie here. While this may be great for places where these actors live and spend money, it does not do a whole lot for Michigan! When you consider the big tax break we are giving up for the dubious privilege of making a few movies, Michigan comes out on the short end of the stick!!! It seems to me that keeping companies in Michigan that employed people living here and spending here would be a much better choice!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Education should be at top of list!!

I don't think anyone thinks education is not important, but do we realize how much we have suffered because of the lack of interest?! And the lack of interest is felt here, if not the most, pretty bad! Michigan has been hit hard by this economic collapse we are in now! For years Michigan has thrived and depended on the automotive industry, and because it has, this has been a blessing and a curse! For years we seemed content to take the big paychecks for little brain power and allot of muscle power! I am sad to say Michigan ranks 36Th in household income and 37Th in educational attainment, most of the top ten states in terms of income are also the top ten in education!!! The world values brains more than brawn, but we don't get it!! The last week of September, higher education funding was once again cut while welfare spending increased!!! The days of sucking on the money tree without have a top notch education are over!! That is why two grads leave the state for every one that stays....SAD!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


This is a disgrace! How is is that an industry that we trusted with one of the biggest parts of our lives, the place we raise our children, treat us so bad!

Official Food, Inc. Movie Site - Hungry For Change?

Official Food, Inc. Movie Site - Hungry For Change?

Who really owns your house?

If your fortunate enough to own your home, that's great! But for the millions of us that don't , we are stuck with one bank? Or are we? It has come out now that with all the foreclosures that are happening allot of people who thought they knew who the mortgage holder on their house is have no clue!! And to make it worse, the banks and other lenders have been playing hide and seek with our homes! In fact, there have been so many foreclosures that there has been fake employees signing off on many documents!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Update to building of Mosque near 9/11

And another thing! The other day there was quite a controversy stirred up on the view, some lame show usually on some useless topic! Since I have only seen the show once, I have heard about the uproar on this show all over the news! I believe that this site and especially the survivors should not be disrespected by having a building built that reminds us of the people who killed so many and did so much damage against us!! But I digress, both ladies that walked off the set in a huff, should shut up!! I am very surprised at the Jewish lady, she made it sound like Anne Frank would be good with having the Nazis set up a training and information center a couple blocks away from a gas chamber!!! I don't think so!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One of the reasons this country is not on the right track!!

And another thing, why is it that we say one thing and then shoot ourselves in the foot?! Americans know they have lost jobs to other countries, what do we do?... promote a show that is about the another country and the jobs they have taken from us!! I am talking about a new TV show about the outsourcing of jobs that should be done by Americans!! Every day I hear about people in this country that are losing jobs, can't pay their mortgage, have to choose between buying medicine or food, going into their savings just to make it!! The television industry should be ashamed for putting a show like this on! And we as Americans should be ashamed for even thinking about watching it!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I dun good!

And another thing... What is the deal with having people advertise for something that makes you NOT want to go there!? There is an ad circulating on TV that is for a training site to get a job. But the people that they have in the ad can hardly talk!! It is more like an ad for what a retarded drunk would sound like! Have things in this state gotten so bad that advertisers can not afford people that use proper grammar?

Friday, September 24, 2010

It does not matter how much you have, stupidity follows you all your life!!

Why does this country have such an infatuation with people who have more then most of us will see in a lifetime? Case in point! - Lindsay!! The only reason I mentioned her is that she is in the news again, for violating her parole!! A person that has a ton of money, but for reasons that I can only mark down to stupidity, or maybe arrogance, is acting like a fool!!! Like so many others in the spotlight, instead of being satisfied with their millions which came to them with not much hard work at all, they act like we owe them something and we should feel sorry for them! That is like giving our thanks to the idiots on wall street for taking our money so we don't have to pay taxes on it!!! SHEER STUPIDITY!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hunters - Idiots with guns!... or without!!

Some people just should not be left out! Today I was out walking at Fairlane Green, which is a five year old strip mall in Allen Park, Michigan. It is a very nice mall built on an old clay mine that Ford used at one time. There is a nice little nature trail going through the 240 acre site, which has a variety of plants plus ducks, geese and other wildlife. But I digress, leave it to a hunter to ruin things!! A few weeks ago a hunter with his dog came on the trail, but instead of enjoying the nature, sent his dog to go and kill one of the ducks! I could not believe it! Did he do it because he is to cheap to buy a license? Is there no hunting land available or is he just an idiot who thought he was on some duck preserve? There is absolutely no use for hunters, in fact the ones I have known just use that as an excuse to get away and party! Hunting was necessary for caveman and Indians but not NOW!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Does anyone have integrity anymore?

It used to be much easier to be able to trust people! Integrity was always a facet of one's character which people used to be proud to have! Somewhere along the way the integrity factor was lost, either on purpose or something learned! Allot of people that I meet now think it is weird if you are honest all the time!; what has happened? It seems to me that many people think that it is fine to act anyway and say anything just so long as their interests are fulfilled! And the sad fact is that this kind of behavior is across the board, even those that used to be thought of as people to look up to. INTEGRITY, does this word still mean anything to people?!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Medical field not truthful with us or themselves?

Why is it we are told smoking is very bad for us, but I see many doctors and nurses smoke? When you smoke your whole body is changed, and NOT for the better! Are people in the medical field lying to us and smoking really is good for us, or don't they have the self-discipline to practice what they preach?! I even have seen nurses smoke right outside the building where they just gave my wife chemo! Do the hospitals and Doctors know something about smoking that we don't or do the companies that produce these cancer sticks pay them to keep the public sick?! Talking to most people about quitting is like spitting in the wind, but doctors? Come on!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

If your American, show it!!I

After 9/11 almost everyone in my neighborhood flew the American flag! Yesterday on the anniversary of 9/11, only me and the neighbor across the street flew it! The makeup of out neighborhood has changed. But why not show your patriotism for our country and support for the people who died nine years ago?! Just because I live in Dearborn, Michigan that should not make a difference. Is it because people have become less patriotic or is it because there is a huge percentage on Muslims in this city now? Or is it because our President seems to go out of his way to support and applaud Muslims, as in the Mosque controversy, at the expense of non-Muslims? Or, is it because our President had one parent who is a Muslim?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dumpster on display?

Why do some people who claim to be an artist make something that is such an eyesore? I am speaking of the "sculpture" that looks like a rusted out Dumpster in Dearborn, Michigan on the corner of Michigan and Military. Evidently some person pawned off the piece of metal as a work of art to put on the property as advertisement! I guess the hope is that some wealthy Moran would pay the 80, YES I SAID 80, thousand for it!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What has happened to us?

What has happened to America? It seems that all or most of the problems we have are caused by a lack of one or all of the labels below. It seems to be true what I heard from my parents years ago; 90% of work is done by 10% of our work force! No where is this more evident then in the automobile industry! I have heard and seen of workers taking items, and even almost building vehicles from parts that have been gotten but not paid for! To many people have the opinion that "if no one finds out it is OK"!! Now I know this happens in other industries but I am just speaking here by what I know first hand! When did it become the norm in this country to NOT do what is right, just what makes us money or some other gain?? Why is it that when we meet someone with good morals or integrity, we think is so unusual? From stealing pens at the office to stealing parts or tools at the plant to taking anything that does not belong to us; this now is the way allot of society operates!! I would think after the huge things that have happened with the economic system that people would change, that is truly my hope!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mosque at 9/11 site

Everyone else is airing their opinion, so I will too!! It is very insensitive to build on the site of the worse tragady of the decade! Particulary by the people that were responsibile for the deaths of over three thousand Americans! Islam means submission and thats just what the greedy contrators and even the president are doing...Submitting!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nature- lovely, people- NOT SO MUCH!

Last week I spent a week on Lake Michigan. I was about 7 miles from Mackinaw city so I was out of the hustle and bustle of tourists. While the beach and the lake were beautiful, as soon as I went to anywhere near a group of people, trash started showing up!! Even at Wilderness state park on lake Michigan, campers do not respect nature. On the public beaches it is very sad to see how some people disrespect the land! When I go to Metro beach, it is one thing to see trash, but quite unexpected to see this on Lake Michigan!

Monday, July 26, 2010

We learn from each other!

I was watching one of my favorite shows Sunday, "Meet the press", and I must admit that I got extremely frustrated!! We are taught from an early age not to lie, but when I see politicians wobble on the truth, it gives me a huge sense of distrust! Why is it that it seems NOT a single person wants to be truthful. When asked a question, it seems common practice to always answer with a short story skirting the issue instead of saying yes or no!! There is only one answer to a question!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exercise is saving my life!!

I truly believe that going to the gym on a regular basis is truthfully saving my life! Taking care of ones' body, either by going to a gym, or an at home routine is essential for good health! I have always worked out, usually at Ballys, which is the gym I go to. But starting in 2010, after two weeks of a hospital stay with pneumonia, I have really picked up the pace! After several major negative things in my life; lose of a spouse, being diagnosed with Ataxia, I have finally decided the old saying is true - "without your health your dead" or something like that!! For years I did not have much regard to the food I ate. Since Jan 8Th 2010 I have lost 40 pounds and kept it off. More importantly, I feel allot better then I have in a long time! Throughout my life I have tried and seen many diet plans that are touted as being the "best"! Truthfully the best exercise and diet plan is anything that works for you!! I am 60 and I would like to hear comments from anyone that has a story about exercise and diet and how you are changing your life!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Extended unemployment - good or bad?

I always have thought that most things are black or white. But when it comes to extending unemployment benefits, I am not sure. On one hand, there are so many people that need it just to get by. On the other, I am sure this 2Nd or more extension, ( I forgot how many), for allot of people is an excuse not to look. Now I know the economy is bad, but I can't but think endless extensions are being taking advantage of by some people, probably more then we want to admit.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

new law in Troy!

Congrats to the city of Troy!! If you have not heard. the city of Troy has a new law about driving while being distracted. Aside from using the cell phone, it also encompasses the idiots that eat, put makeup on and other stupid stuff other then driving. I get so frustrated when people cut me off or I almost hit them because their full attention is not on the road! I know all the cities are finding ways to raise revenue, and if Troy is doing this with that as an objective, that's fine with me. Lives are more important then eating a big mac while catching up on gossip while using the cell!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

illegal immigrates

I applaud the state of Arizona!! The new law about illegal immigrates is just what this whole country needs! I am sick and tired of this pansy government letting people who are not even legal taxpayers, take advantage of us who pay our taxes as legal citizens and support those that don't! Many people take advantage of the system, not just those that are not legal!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

trash on nature walk?

Yesterday I went on the rouge nature walk in Dearborn, (starting on Michigan ave.)
While this walk goes almost through Henry Ford Estate and University of Michigan, I was disgusted by all the trash! We started out on Michigan near Brady street. This was my first time on this walk, and I have lived here since 1994! At the beginning, it was very enjoyable and calming, but then the assorted debris started dotting the otherwise beautiful landscape. The first thing to our left was a truck cap down the hill less than a quarter mile from the start. As we continued through the woods and campus I was very annoyed with the various paper products and discarded trash from people that must think their mommy is walking behind them!!! Now, to be fair, we only walked .75 mile in since I am just starting to walk on a regular basis. The rest of the walk might be garbage-free!! Another thing - why are people so lazy?, not just on nature trails, but I have seen the same mess at our state parks and campgrounds too!! Also we went to Ford field. As I went across the bridge, there was a half taco and two milk cartons. What is going on with Dearborn? Certain people think the outside is their personal trash can!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

President of Detroit school board

This article was in the Detroit News on March 4th. It was written about Otis Mathis, who is president of the Detroit school board. The sample from one of his emails follows, "If you saw Sunday's Free Press that shown Robert Bobb the emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools, move Mark Twain to Boynton which have three times the number seats then students and was one of the reason's he gave for closing school to many empty seats." I am just so disgusted to know that one of the top educators in this Detroit writes and thinks like this!! What is more appalling is that this man is in charge of the academic future of the 90,000 children in Detroit! What is even more appalling is that he graduated high school with a 1.8 point average! He even had the nerve to challenge a requirement that Wayne State University had about passing an English proficiency test! Are you kidding? This should be enforced, not eliminated. This requirement was dropped in 2007!!!! Shame on Wayne State!!! For years America has been dumbing down and this is just another example!! No wonder companies are going overseas!

Friday, February 26, 2010

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade, drink it, and move on!!!

There you go... so many people waste their lives complaining about problems, instead of doing something about them and moving on!! And what does that get you? Regret that you did not do anything and/or putting the blame on someone else for your problem!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

social security disability, self-inflicted,

And another thing... what is with all of the people that cause their own condition and then expect us to pay for them? I myself have ataxia, a fatal condition, which it is true, I am on social security disability. Now many other people have conditions, like MS, MD, CP, or numerous others that are something that they have had no control over? Other people have conditions THEY caused, i.e. bad knees ( yes I know someone who collects because he is to fat, which has caused his knees to go bad), emphysema, alcoholism, and other self-inflicted conditions. One lady a friend knows collects $800 a month because she is lazy,( nothing medically wrong) and yet she bitches when s.s. makes her do volunteer work for the money. Since when is laziness and drinking oneself stupid entitles you to collect money for causing your own problems!? Everyone I know including myself, with a disease that is fatal or very debilitating, would be all to happy to earn a living if they could!! Why then, should those that are to lazy or have caused their own condition, be allowed to collect under, what I consider to be a false pretense?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do you believe it, at this age?

I was talking with someone the other day about something we both had witnessed. At one point she said "I seen it", when should have been "I saw it"! Now when you are talking with children that are below the age of, say, 12, one expects misuse of the English language once in a while. But this was an adult I was talking with!! And another thing.. what is with using the work ax instead of ask? Are you saying you want to chop me up? Were you not taught how to pronounce certain words or their meaning? It is amazing how some people do not bother to speak correctly when these same people get offended when they are not understood! Communication, which is the key to any successful relationship, be it business or personal has to start with basic skills!! There is nothing that makes one sound more stupid, at least in this persons view!! There you go!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

company theft

Ever wonder why things are so expensive? One reason is company theft! Most companies have employee theft, but none is more pervasive that I know of than the auto industry. For years I have heard from employees themselves that many take parts home. To the extreme that a whole car has been built using stolen parts! This would be bad enough, but what is more sad is the ease and lack of guilt that I have been told about these unlawful events. When was the last time that you were told - "the company owes me" or "they can afford it"? This kind of behavior makes me very upset in good time, but especially now, when people are losing jobs.

pass the cost on to customers?

to be cont...In Ann Arbor, for example, one popular food chain pays three hundred dollars a month for their managers to park!! Since the city charges this much, it is not to hard to believe that most if not all chains are charged this much! And do you think they pay this as a cost of business without passing it on to the consumer? One answer=NO!! All businesses, especially the ones selling food make such a big profit, that there is NO reason why this kind of expense should be passed on to us!.... And another thing... if healthy food is so good for us, why is it so damn expensive? It almost seems that the food industry in general wants to keep their profits high while keeping the quality of the food we eat low! And why not unhealthy and overweight people are great customers for medical businesses! Have you ever seen a fat person as a poster child for health foods?...but you have for a slew of medical conditions! Comments encouraged!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


With today being the day when allot of people go into la la sports mode, I feel this is very much needed! The super bowl and most pro sports are made out to be far more beneficial for society than they really are. Take, for example, the countless hours people waste in front of their TV listening to news people who have never even been involved in a sport that they are talking about. When was the last time you or your friends got together to talk about others that excel in education? A night watching Jeopardy or the national spelling bee? NO, people are caught up watching others makes millions by throwing, passing, dunking, for reasons that mostly benefit gamblers , players, and owners!! And who actually understands a player or coach when they are interviewed after the game or big play? Which in right to one of the points I am talking about, these guys need education more than basically hitting each other. When is the last time that a football, baseball, basketball, hockey or other sport enlightened your mental state or benefited the economic future for your family?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

in a hurry? speed up to stop,

and still... Have you ever had this happen to you? A driver speeds up to pass you just to cut you off and get off at the next exit or stop at the next light? And then that car is in the ironic position of being laughed at by you for acting like such a moron!! These people seem to be in a hurry but do not really have a clear cut plan of the best way to get to their destination.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

common sense, manners, rude, respect,educate

And another thought... when you see someone say or do something that you know is wrong, do you tell them? I think that ii is our duty to tell adults, much like kids, when the adults do or say something that is filthy or against doing what is decent. For example, how many of us say anything when an adult uses bad language in public? But the same word or action gets immediate rebuke for a child, because we are trying to teach the child how to act?! I, for one am sick of seeing adults who swear, are dirty, treat others bad, or just act without manners in public!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Insane prices for prescription drugs...

I would like feedback on this!! I went to get my medications today and one of the medications was one dollar, a generic, the other, Lipitor, not a generic was one hundred dollars!! And that was my copay! I was told by the pharmacist that since a generic is not available yet, the company is taking advantage of that fact. I know the drug industry is a business, but they, like, the insurance and medical fields, really have the public by the coconuts.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yet another date..

....I would not get offended if you said that! Why is it that some women take certain things a man says as an attack on them? The same words that you can say to a man, with no negative reaction at all usually get a totally different reaction from allot of women!! Sayings that come to mind are, "are you going to wear that"?, "when is the last time you had a haircut"?, "is that a whole order"? The point is why does it seem that allot of things that are said to a woman, even though a man as no intention of being so, the woman seems to be offended. Is it a lack of self-esteem, paranoia, or an act to make others feel guilty?


Do you ever have someone tell you something that seems so untrue? Have you noticed how desensitized we have become to lies? From a parent that tells us to hide or say "I am not home" to our supposed leader of our nation telling us there is more then one definition of is! I do not want to be lied to ANYMORE!! Wouldn't it be great to know that everything you were told and you told someone was the truth? I feel so bad when I find out I have been lied to. And feel so guilty when I try to lie to anyone, which I try not to do. Please feel free to send comments, questions, I would like to talk about what I think is one of the biggest problems that faces us!!! Maybe it's a language problem!....

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Do some people like to go on a date to have a free dinner or a night out? It seems that many people like to go out with someone just for something to do and with no intention of any possible relationship happening. I would like very much to here feedback on this topic.

Political correctness, repressed truth, afraid to express feelings, want feedback

Is anyone else tired on being P.C.? To me being politically correct is just not telling the truth. How many times have you being talking to someone when they said something that you knew was totally false? For me I would rather be told the truth now then to have someone try to spare my feelings and find out I was lied to later. I think that's one reason why people are so disappointed, either when they find out something about themselves physically or mentally. One example = how many times have you called some corporation and talked with someone that was incapable of understanding what u were saying?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Rude people - should we do nothing?....

And another thing... are you tired of rude individuals who do something NOT any civilized person would do?! One example - recently a friend of mine was working out at a local health club. She was doing laps in the pool, when she saw a fellow swimmer spit , NOT once but twice in the pool!! Now, while something like this very ignorant action may have happened to you, not many people say anything. How many times have you heard or saw some terrible behavior and not felt like it was our place to speak up? We all should expect everyone to act with common decency.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


How many of you have experienced this? Go on a dating site, meet a women or man, you hit it off. The other person expects you to pay the bill and does not even offer to help.