Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What has happened to us?

What has happened to America? It seems that all or most of the problems we have are caused by a lack of one or all of the labels below. It seems to be true what I heard from my parents years ago; 90% of work is done by 10% of our work force! No where is this more evident then in the automobile industry! I have heard and seen of workers taking items, and even almost building vehicles from parts that have been gotten but not paid for! To many people have the opinion that "if no one finds out it is OK"!! Now I know this happens in other industries but I am just speaking here by what I know first hand! When did it become the norm in this country to NOT do what is right, just what makes us money or some other gain?? Why is it that when we meet someone with good morals or integrity, we think is so unusual? From stealing pens at the office to stealing parts or tools at the plant to taking anything that does not belong to us; this now is the way allot of society operates!! I would think after the huge things that have happened with the economic system that people would change, that is truly my hope!!