Saturday, February 20, 2010

social security disability, self-inflicted,

And another thing... what is with all of the people that cause their own condition and then expect us to pay for them? I myself have ataxia, a fatal condition, which it is true, I am on social security disability. Now many other people have conditions, like MS, MD, CP, or numerous others that are something that they have had no control over? Other people have conditions THEY caused, i.e. bad knees ( yes I know someone who collects because he is to fat, which has caused his knees to go bad), emphysema, alcoholism, and other self-inflicted conditions. One lady a friend knows collects $800 a month because she is lazy,( nothing medically wrong) and yet she bitches when s.s. makes her do volunteer work for the money. Since when is laziness and drinking oneself stupid entitles you to collect money for causing your own problems!? Everyone I know including myself, with a disease that is fatal or very debilitating, would be all to happy to earn a living if they could!! Why then, should those that are to lazy or have caused their own condition, be allowed to collect under, what I consider to be a false pretense?