Friday, October 22, 2010

Education should be at top of list!!

I don't think anyone thinks education is not important, but do we realize how much we have suffered because of the lack of interest?! And the lack of interest is felt here, if not the most, pretty bad! Michigan has been hit hard by this economic collapse we are in now! For years Michigan has thrived and depended on the automotive industry, and because it has, this has been a blessing and a curse! For years we seemed content to take the big paychecks for little brain power and allot of muscle power! I am sad to say Michigan ranks 36Th in household income and 37Th in educational attainment, most of the top ten states in terms of income are also the top ten in education!!! The world values brains more than brawn, but we don't get it!! The last week of September, higher education funding was once again cut while welfare spending increased!!! The days of sucking on the money tree without have a top notch education are over!! That is why two grads leave the state for every one that stays....SAD!