Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hunters - Idiots with guns!... or without!!

Some people just should not be left out! Today I was out walking at Fairlane Green, which is a five year old strip mall in Allen Park, Michigan. It is a very nice mall built on an old clay mine that Ford used at one time. There is a nice little nature trail going through the 240 acre site, which has a variety of plants plus ducks, geese and other wildlife. But I digress, leave it to a hunter to ruin things!! A few weeks ago a hunter with his dog came on the trail, but instead of enjoying the nature, sent his dog to go and kill one of the ducks! I could not believe it! Did he do it because he is to cheap to buy a license? Is there no hunting land available or is he just an idiot who thought he was on some duck preserve? There is absolutely no use for hunters, in fact the ones I have known just use that as an excuse to get away and party! Hunting was necessary for caveman and Indians but not NOW!!