Friday, October 29, 2010

Politics = allot of lies an heartaches!

If your like me, NOTHING in this election season makes me want to vote!! First of all, how can we be expected to vote when ALL the people and ALL the parties tell you things that can not possibly be true! When has it become so bad that No ONE that is running for office can be trusted?! Why doesn't anyone just come out and say what he or she has done GOOD? Instead it is all they did this and they did that, even the current president acts like a whiner blaming everyone else and not just keeping to any positives (if there are any), that he has done? I am 60 and this is the first election that I truly feel that I do not want to or care about voting!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another actor showing true colors?!

There are always people doing crazy stuff, but when it is someone in the public eye, we hear more about it!! As is the incident with Charlie Sheen!! What an idiot!, and yet somehow most of the population is enamored by this act of utter disgrace!! When one of us mere "common" people act like this we are ridiculed and probably jailed! When someone in the public eye does something to disgrace self and family(his kids were across the hall) the act is dismissed with a slap on the hand! Come on people!! A cokehead drunk with a whore!! Give us a break!!
Charlie is back to getting his TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND an episode for the mind-numbing show that I or any of us would gladly do for a small percentage of that, and almost certainly do as good if not better job of!!!! A slap on the hand and pity for a drunk?! No wonder this country is screwed up!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welfare cheats!!

Welfare is not meant to be a career choice! While some people rightly deserve and need welfare, there are way to many that use it as a way to get free money! The people that do this should all go to prison and make license plates with the other criminals! And what makes it worse is the current government just keeps pouring money into welfare and takes it away from systems that really need it, such as higher education!!!
Do they do this as a form of riot control to appease the lazy and the cheats so their masses won't cause trouble? Or is the government just taking the easy way out?

Michigan sure does not make anything from the movies!!

And another thing!... why are so enamored by the movie industry? Instead of concentrating on getting real jobs for real people in our state, the people in charge are spinning their wheels sucking up to an industry that could care less about us! One of the recent political ads mentioned that Clint Eastwood was paid $800,000 dollars to do a recent movie here. While this may be great for places where these actors live and spend money, it does not do a whole lot for Michigan! When you consider the big tax break we are giving up for the dubious privilege of making a few movies, Michigan comes out on the short end of the stick!!! It seems to me that keeping companies in Michigan that employed people living here and spending here would be a much better choice!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Education should be at top of list!!

I don't think anyone thinks education is not important, but do we realize how much we have suffered because of the lack of interest?! And the lack of interest is felt here, if not the most, pretty bad! Michigan has been hit hard by this economic collapse we are in now! For years Michigan has thrived and depended on the automotive industry, and because it has, this has been a blessing and a curse! For years we seemed content to take the big paychecks for little brain power and allot of muscle power! I am sad to say Michigan ranks 36Th in household income and 37Th in educational attainment, most of the top ten states in terms of income are also the top ten in education!!! The world values brains more than brawn, but we don't get it!! The last week of September, higher education funding was once again cut while welfare spending increased!!! The days of sucking on the money tree without have a top notch education are over!! That is why two grads leave the state for every one that stays....SAD!