Friday, September 24, 2010

It does not matter how much you have, stupidity follows you all your life!!

Why does this country have such an infatuation with people who have more then most of us will see in a lifetime? Case in point! - Lindsay!! The only reason I mentioned her is that she is in the news again, for violating her parole!! A person that has a ton of money, but for reasons that I can only mark down to stupidity, or maybe arrogance, is acting like a fool!!! Like so many others in the spotlight, instead of being satisfied with their millions which came to them with not much hard work at all, they act like we owe them something and we should feel sorry for them! That is like giving our thanks to the idiots on wall street for taking our money so we don't have to pay taxes on it!!! SHEER STUPIDITY!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hunters - Idiots with guns!... or without!!

Some people just should not be left out! Today I was out walking at Fairlane Green, which is a five year old strip mall in Allen Park, Michigan. It is a very nice mall built on an old clay mine that Ford used at one time. There is a nice little nature trail going through the 240 acre site, which has a variety of plants plus ducks, geese and other wildlife. But I digress, leave it to a hunter to ruin things!! A few weeks ago a hunter with his dog came on the trail, but instead of enjoying the nature, sent his dog to go and kill one of the ducks! I could not believe it! Did he do it because he is to cheap to buy a license? Is there no hunting land available or is he just an idiot who thought he was on some duck preserve? There is absolutely no use for hunters, in fact the ones I have known just use that as an excuse to get away and party! Hunting was necessary for caveman and Indians but not NOW!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Does anyone have integrity anymore?

It used to be much easier to be able to trust people! Integrity was always a facet of one's character which people used to be proud to have! Somewhere along the way the integrity factor was lost, either on purpose or something learned! Allot of people that I meet now think it is weird if you are honest all the time!; what has happened? It seems to me that many people think that it is fine to act anyway and say anything just so long as their interests are fulfilled! And the sad fact is that this kind of behavior is across the board, even those that used to be thought of as people to look up to. INTEGRITY, does this word still mean anything to people?!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Medical field not truthful with us or themselves?

Why is it we are told smoking is very bad for us, but I see many doctors and nurses smoke? When you smoke your whole body is changed, and NOT for the better! Are people in the medical field lying to us and smoking really is good for us, or don't they have the self-discipline to practice what they preach?! I even have seen nurses smoke right outside the building where they just gave my wife chemo! Do the hospitals and Doctors know something about smoking that we don't or do the companies that produce these cancer sticks pay them to keep the public sick?! Talking to most people about quitting is like spitting in the wind, but doctors? Come on!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

If your American, show it!!I

After 9/11 almost everyone in my neighborhood flew the American flag! Yesterday on the anniversary of 9/11, only me and the neighbor across the street flew it! The makeup of out neighborhood has changed. But why not show your patriotism for our country and support for the people who died nine years ago?! Just because I live in Dearborn, Michigan that should not make a difference. Is it because people have become less patriotic or is it because there is a huge percentage on Muslims in this city now? Or is it because our President seems to go out of his way to support and applaud Muslims, as in the Mosque controversy, at the expense of non-Muslims? Or, is it because our President had one parent who is a Muslim?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dumpster on display?

Why do some people who claim to be an artist make something that is such an eyesore? I am speaking of the "sculpture" that looks like a rusted out Dumpster in Dearborn, Michigan on the corner of Michigan and Military. Evidently some person pawned off the piece of metal as a work of art to put on the property as advertisement! I guess the hope is that some wealthy Moran would pay the 80, YES I SAID 80, thousand for it!!!