Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another actor showing true colors?!

There are always people doing crazy stuff, but when it is someone in the public eye, we hear more about it!! As is the incident with Charlie Sheen!! What an idiot!, and yet somehow most of the population is enamored by this act of utter disgrace!! When one of us mere "common" people act like this we are ridiculed and probably jailed! When someone in the public eye does something to disgrace self and family(his kids were across the hall) the act is dismissed with a slap on the hand! Come on people!! A cokehead drunk with a whore!! Give us a break!!
Charlie is back to getting his TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND an episode for the mind-numbing show that I or any of us would gladly do for a small percentage of that, and almost certainly do as good if not better job of!!!! A slap on the hand and pity for a drunk?! No wonder this country is screwed up!!

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